Store Ur Box

Product photography is a very technical form of photography.

At its heart it’s all about creating imagery that depicts the subject well and in a beautiful way. Lighting is crucial here, as every material reacts to light differently – you need to know what you’re doing when working with different product. Glass, metal, plastic, wood – they all behave differently when lit and you have to respect that fact.

Store Ur Box approached me to create a number of images of their storage boxes. It was important to them to depict the size of the boxes accurately, and the best way to do this was to show what could fit into them. Doing this well required an eye for detail and the ability to put items together in a way that created an aesthetically pleasing image.

In addition to this, we were also working with 2 children in some of the images. My background as a doctor (and children are by far my favourite patients) worked very much in my favour here.

My personality, lighting skill, experience, ability to anticipate and overcome the potential difficulties of this project and my attention to detail ensured that this assignment completed without a hitch. My client was exceedingly happy with the results.

Dealing with Rory was an absolute pleasure, we met prior to the photo shoot to ensure that we were organised and everyone had a clear understanding of what we were trying to achieve and the photos we were after. Rory was punctual and professional. He ensured that the lighting was perfect for every shot and was patient with the change of subject. These images have been used on our website and social media. We would definitely recommend his services!

Store Ur Box