Pam Martin

Working with Pam was a professionally rewarding experience. Pam is very active on social media and has a very prominent profile on many different platforms.

The important consideration with Pam’s imagery was to create a range of portraits that both expressed her professionalism whilst also being a perfect stylistic fit for the online platform where it would be used.

Getting this right meant paying attention to a number of very critical points. The strength of the images stems from the warmth and approachability that they convey. This has been achieved by using a warm colour palette (in the clothing and background) that complements her hair and complexion, combined with a lighting style that brightens her expression without reflecting in her glasses.

All of these factors were deliberate decisions on my part in response to the direction provided by Pam.

As a photographer it is so important to know what your client’s expectations are, but this means very little without the skill to deliver on those expectations.

Having your photo taken whether it is for family or business can be a traumatic experience. I have certainly found it challenging. What should I wear? What about my hair and make up?

When I last went to Rory it was for some new images for my business pages so I wanted something a little more formal. Rory was great he spent time with me getting to know what I was looking for but also finding out about who I was and what I did. He wanted to understand who I was so that he could reflect that in his photos.

We talked about what I would wear and he suggested bringing 3 or 4 outfits so we could see which ones looked best. He also referred me to a local beautician who could help with my make up. He even suggested bringing some favourite music to play in the background.

This meeting helped me to feel relaxed and much more confident going into our session. Rory is a true professional and takes great pride in his work but he also cares about his subjects and works to show the best in them.

Our session was very rewarding. Rory experimented with a variety of backgrounds etc. It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience and I was delighted with the results.

Pam Martin