Kim Pausina

Kim is a very successful and very passionate real estate agent. In her line of work it is very important that the person her potential clients see online matches the person they meet in real life. If there is a disconnect between these two images it will likely have a very negative effect on the agent’s perceived professionalism.

Getting this right is not always easy, but I believe I succeed because I take the time to study my clients when we first meet. By watching their body language, posture and gestures during our first meeting I get a sense of what they look like when they’re being themselves. It is this knowledge (and the rapport I establish with my clients)  that helps me capture them at their authentic best.

Kim honestly is as bright and bubbly as she appears in her images.

She was a pleasure to work with and has been happy enough with my service to refer work my way through good word-of-mouth.

Rory came highly recommended and our initial meeting certainly reinforced his professionalism and his attention to detail, which I appreciated. I felt Rory understood the type of image I wanted to achieve, one which foremost was professional, but also captured my warmth.

Rory was a pleasure to work with and easy to communicate with. He took the time to allow me to explain what I wanted, plus gave some good suggestions and ideas for direction.

Rory certainly had the patience and care, and understood that getting the right image was very important to me, particularly in my line of work, where profile is almost everything in the first instance. The photo had to be professional, yet approachable.

Rory was very detail orientated and we certainly covered off everything in advance which gave me the confidence I was in the right hands.

Rory was a pleasure to work with and would not hesitate to recommend his services.

The chosen image was very well received and has been used across several mediums, including print, online, and social media. I would certainly use Rory again in the future.

Kim Pausina