The Art of taking a Pro Headshot…

The Art of taking a Pro Headshot…

It really is true that first impressions count. How many times have you taken a glance at someone in person or checked out their online profile and made a judgement on them, good or bad?

That’s why it’s so important to portray who you are and what you do in a professional way. To keep your photo up to date and current is also important as you don’t want to portray an image that was taken 5 years ago!

But as with many things in business, you need it done “now” and you don’t have time to organise a photographer. So you put on some make-up or have a quick shave and you’re about to get your partner to take a quick snap of you for your Linkedin profile. How hard can it be????

Well that’s just it – anyone can take a photo with an iPhone or even a professional camera, but does it really reflect the person you are? Does it capture you in your best light? Let’s be honest, is it really good enough??

We hear this story very often and we also understand that not everyone has the time or money to get a professional photo taken. So here are some things that we consider when taking a professional headshot

1. Lighting

Owning professional equipment does not imply professional skill. Simply putting someone in front of studio lighting is not going to cut the mustard.

Understanding how light behaves, how to light a specific subject or specific colours, how to create mood with lighting, how to soften skin, how to accentuate the texture of clothing… These are all skillsets that take time and experience to learn.

2. Lens Choice

Your lens choice makes another HUGE difference. Wide angle lenses used close to the subject cause a degree of distortion, and create faces that seem out of proportion.

Now it’s not simply a question of using telephoto lenses. These lenses require some distance between subject and photographer, which a profesisonal studio usually manages without trouble.

3. Background

The choice of background is also a deliberate decision. Pure black? Pure white? Something in-between. Colour?

When it comes to Business Portraits this is often a critical decision. Does it need to fit in with the design and colour scheme of the website? Do you have specific corporate colours that need to be adhered to?

4. Wardrobe and Makeup

Different clothing creates a different feeling. Whether it be in the balance of the colours of the image or the impression that it creates of your personality, your choice of clothing is another critical piece in the puzzle.

It’s a no-brainer. Make-up is an important part of creating the right look. So make sure you get it right.

5. Posing and Jawline

Posing is a HUGE subject, and even in the context of a Business Portrait, it’s far more complex than you’d think.

The great thing is that, in business imagery, there are far fewer options than in glamour photography. No CEO is going to pose with their hands in their hair looking sultry and seductive.

The aim is simple: Create an image that screams Confidence with Approachability.

So there you have it – there is a massive difference between the DIY approach and an image created by a professional.

Now the only decision you have to make is: “Which image of you would you rather have your clients see?”

If the answer is “a professional  image”, then CLICK HERE.