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Architectural Photography

We do architectural photography and interior photography

I love the intricacy and technical challenge of photographing a room or building well. These are images that have immense commercial value. Architectural photography that is striking and inviting will make money for the client through sales, rent, room bookings, venue hire – to name but a few.

Architectural photography demands a very meticulous approach and a lot of attention to detail:

Staging of the room

Selection of the best points of view

Collaborating with the client to meet their needs for the image

Creating a strong composition in-camera

Lighting the room to bring out detail


It is a joy to see the final image come to life after retouching. Often, that image is a combination of 5, 10 or even more images that pull together the best features of the room.

I use a combination of artificial and natural light to create beautiful images that have commercial value for my clients.

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