Flash Photography Fundamentals Workshop

Take your photography beyond ambient light

Are you disappointed with your flash photography?

Does your photography need a fresh boost of enthusiasm?

Act now and take your photography further

Workshop spaces are limited to 6 people per workshop

Cost: $380
Time: 9am to 6pm
Dates: July 10, August 21, October 2
Venue: Firefly Photography Studio – Level 1, ANZ Bank Building, 65 Clyde Rd, Browns Bay

Workshop Includes

Full day tuition.
Morning tea and afternoon tea.
Booklet of Core Flash Photography Theory.
Booklet of step-by-step On-Camera Flash practical exercises.

The mastery of light, being able to manipulate it and use it in a deliberate way, is the hallmark of a true photographer.

Workshop Overview

Morning Session

On-camera flash

Understanding your flash is the first step to using it with confidence. We start off with a thorough discussion of flash theory, functions and the fundamentals of light.

Morning Practical

The morning concludes with practical work to demonstrate widely used, essential flash functions and techniques.

  • Straight Flash
  • Fill flash
  • Diffused light
  • Bounced light
  • High speed sync
  • 2nd Curtain sync

Afternoon Session

Off-camera flash

Getting your flash off your camera makes amazing things possible and opens the doors to modifying light and truly using it as a creative tool. Prepare to be amazed. Find out what it is and what is required to get started with this amazing form of flash photography.

  • Equipment needed: Where to get it and what it costs.
  • Working with manual flash exposure and the variables that affect it.
  • Modifying light.

Afternoon Practical

Session 1: Capture pin-sharp and perfectly lit water drops

  • See the day’s theory put into practice.
  • Basic gear and instructions available to purchase if you wish to reproduce these images at home.

Session 2: Experimenting with lights and modifiers

  • Find out what modifiers do.
  • Shoot portraits with various modifiers and light positions, whilst tethered to a projector to see the results you achieve.

The workshop then concludes with ideas and suggestions for putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

Freeze motion & capture images too fast for our eyes to see

Capture action with high-speed sync

Use directional lighting to create mood

Use light to reveal shape & texture

Workshop Overview

The Workshop

This workshop is about seeing your flash as a creative and essential tool and imparting you with the understanding, practical skills and enthusiasm to master this tool and improve your photography in amazing ways.

Being comfortable with your flash will teach you about light, and open new doors of creativity that will see your photography grow as fast as your enthusiasm can keep up.

Light has direction, size, colour and intensity. It interacts with what it touches – it can be as expressive as any language. Understanding your flash is the first step towards becoming
fluent in this language.

It all starts with learning the basics. Invest in skills that will improve every aspect of your photography.

Workshop Includes

  • Full day tuition.
  • Morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • Booklet of Core Flash Photography Theory.
  • Booklet of step-by-step On-Camera Flash practical exercises.

Use light modifiers to create lighting to suit your subject

The images on this page are examples of what can be done when you understand light and know how to use your flash.

I really can’t believe I’ve struggled with my flash (and avoided using it) for such a long time. You made it surprisingly easy to understand, and left me feeling very inspired to try new things with my photography.


I thought your preparation, first class notes, enthusiasm and practical exercises were really good.

Thoroughly professional. Shows a HUGE amount of work in developing the program. I can see your passion for the subject matter clearly displayed.